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From Eric>
Subject Modifications to JNDI environment from admin or jmxproxy not seen in application
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2006 20:03:19 GMT
When I change JNDI environment entries in the admin app or from the
manager app's jmxproxy, those changes are not reflected in the Context
I'm getting in my app when I do 
new InitialContext().lookup("java:comp/env/test")
Since I'm doing that per-call in my webapp (and printing the result
directly to the logs), I'd expect to get my change.  But, even if I
delete that environment entry, after having declared it in my
context.xml as per below, it's still there in my webapp.  

<Context ... useNaming="true" (or false) >
	<Environment name="test"

Similarly, if I take that entry out of my context.xml and then add it
manually from admin, etc. it is not seen by my webapp.  I even dropped
in a modified org/apache/naming/NamingContext class that println'ed
from its bind message...I'd see my entries from context.xml get bound
on deploy, but when I change things in the admin app, etc. I see
nothing...those must be being stored in an entirely different Context

What am I doing wrong?  Thanks,


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