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From "mast" <>
Subject Re: big image only appear at half
Date Wed, 06 Dec 2006 21:51:29 GMT

>> nobody have had problem with big image on tomcat ? (it do that on a brand
>> new tomcat with common configuration that s why i am surprised nobody has
>> encounter this)
> I just installed a fresh 5.5.20, dropped a 643K jpeg in the ROOT
> directory, and it loads fine, displays fully.
> (using JDK 1.5.0_06 on SuSE 10, viewed in FireFox, FWIW)
>> > Hi, i am having a problem with tomcat 5.5.20 (problem not present on
>> > 5.5.9) , when i put an image bigger than approximatively 130K it only
>> > appear at half on the screen (it s cut in the middle)
> Perhaps a browser problem? What happens if you use wget or similar
> to fetch the image?

don't think it s a brower problem because if i umount the image to make 
apache run it , it work without any problem
if tomcat is not the problem maybe the problem is between tomcat and mod_jk
i use apache 2.2.3 mod_jk last version and jdk 1.5.0

if i use wget it download the image fully , the problem only seem to be in 
displaying ( i have try different navigator always the same resultat )

i have try different test and if i use the port 8080 the image display 
without problem, so i am nearly sure there is a problem in the link between 
apache (mod_jk) and tomcat, but which parameter could affect this ?

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