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From "Bill Barker" <>
Subject Re: Compiling jsp:getProperty in 5.5.17 vs. 5.5.9
Date Sun, 05 Nov 2006 23:06:41 GMT
Of course, you are free to change the code back to 5.5.9, but no, there is 
no configuration option to change it back.  Unfortunately, you were relying 
on a bug in TC 5.5.9, that would have meant that you wouldn't be able to run 
your app in a different JSP container.

The correct way to get this to work is to have a corresponding <jsp:useBean 
id="admin.template.form" scope="session" .../> in your JSP page, even if the 
bean is always set by a filter.

"Werno, Peter" <> wrote in message

we just upgraded to NetBeans 5.5 which now comes with tomcat 5.5.17
built in. Unfortunately, we are using a couple of <jsp:getProperty ../>
tags which were compiled in 5.5.9 as follows:

rm"), "templateID")));

and in 5.5.17 is now compiled like:

m", PageContext.PAGE_SCOPE), "templateID")));

As you can see, it previously was seaching in request, session, etc.,
but now only ever looks at the "page" context. Unfortunately, the bean
is stored in the session, so I get exceptions with 5.5.17 :(

Is there a way to configure 5.5.17 to compile it in the "old" way?

Many thanks,

Peter Werno

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