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From Debianito <>
Subject Re: Problem using Flush method from PrintWriter class on tomcat5.0.30
Date Mon, 06 Nov 2006 14:20:31 GMT
2006/11/2, Caldarale, Charles R <>:
> > From: Debianito []
> > Subject: Problem using Flush method from PrintWriter class on
> > tomcat5.0.30
> >
> > Everything worked perfect till I move it to the actual version of
> > tomcat5 on Debian Testing system, which is 5.0.30-12, on tomcat
> > 5.0.30-10 it stills working.
> A sterling example of why you should be very leery of using a 3rd party,
> cobbled up, repackaged version of Tomcat.  There is no "-" number on
> actual Tomcat releases.  You might want to remove the questionable
> versions you have and acquire a proper Tomcat from
>  - Chuck

Thanks for the advise Chuck, but I can't do that, as I've to keep
using Debian branch packages.

I found that my trouble wasn't Tomcat5, in fact, It still working
great, it's some way between the connector Mod_JK and Apache2.

Did any of you have problems using this method flush or the class
PrintWriter under Apache2+Tomcat5 throw mod_jk ?

Thanks in advance,


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