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From "Tremal Naik" <>
Subject Re: Modifying the response
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2006 13:29:13 GMT
2006/11/2, Pid <>:
> Using a valve seems a bit crazy, even a filter seems excessive.

ok, what do you suggest?

> I'm not quite clear on what the problem is; is it that IE is
> misbehaving, or is it that your app is gaining a query string where it's
> unnecessary?

both. If Mozilla Firefox has not problems with the same app while IE
has (as I wrote in my original post), the conclusion is that IE is
misbehaving. My app, then, is adding an unnecessary query string (as I
wrote in my original post). But I don't have control on it. (SSLExt is
adding that string, as I wrote in my original post)

> If the query string is unnecessary, try to determine why it's getting
> added to the end of the redirected url.  Your SSLExt may be
> misconfigured, or not doing it's job properly - or the Struts components
> doing something improperly.

I inspected SSLExt source code and I see that this is the desired
behaviour. Unfortunately, there is no way to configure SSLExt to avoid
edding the above string. You can see it from the source code.

> If it's meant to be there, and the problem lies with IE you should
> examine the request/response that is causing IE to 404.

The request/response is that one that I pasted (in my original post).
After the 302 response (+ very long Location) by the server IE doesn't
send anymore requests and only displays the error. So, that is not
really a 404, but simply a IE bug

> You may find the IE Developer toolbar helpful, along with a close
> examination of what happens on the server when IE tries to request the
> URL in the redirected response.  E.g. configure an access log valve and
> watch the log as each browser type hits the urls.  check that both see
> the same thing.

when I decided to post to this list I already performed all the above
tasks. If you read carefully my original post you noticed that.

I was not looking for a teacher to tell me how to debug my code. I was
expecting someone gave me his opinion on a possible solution.

thanks anyway


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