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From "Bruno Vilardo" <>
Subject RE: Tomcat 4.1 Issue - Strange
Date Wed, 29 Nov 2006 22:45:52 GMT
Hey Chris,

Thanks for the tip. I am not in the server now( which is having the issue).
But I will give it a try at the memtest86+. But the issue is that the server
is been loaded with a Volume testing we are doing.

I will try to get some of these info and I will let you know about the

Thanks again for the help!


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Subject: Re: Tomcat 4.1 Issue - Strange

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Bruno Vilardo wrote:
> Hello Chris,
> Yes I can give you details about the hardware configuration.
> It is a Linux Server running Suse 9, 4 CPU 3GHZ, 8GB Memory. Not sure
> the Disk layout(if this is what you mean). I know that they are using Raid
> 10 with reiser File System.

The filesystem is generally irrelevant. What is ths architecture? (i.e.
what type of CPU is it... don't forget that Linux runs on many chips
these days).

> I have access to the box, is there any idea to check that it is a hardware
> issue? I will check in the "messages" file to see some strange hardware
> errors.

You are unlikely to see a message in your syslog saying "hey, you've got
a bad CPU", or "bad memory" or anything like that.

What you want to do is run memtest86+ ( Get
yourself the bootable floppy or CD image and let it run for a while.
With 8GB of memory, you'll need a lot of time. You might want to drop it
down to 1GB (or at least less than 8GB) just to get a preliminary test
done. memtest86 stresses your memory and lets you know if everything
went well. This involves the CPU, memory, and motherboard. If you have
alternate hardware to swap-out some components, you can run tests with
each combination to see which one is giving you problems.

Don't underestimate the motherboard as the source of your problems. I
have had this happen to me and most often than not, the motherboard has
been the problem.

> What type of hardware issue could be involved? Memory ?? Disk ??

Usually CPU, memory, or mobo. Never the disk.

> perhaps an OS patch?

Nope. Unless you are using a bleeding-edge kernel, you're okay. Same
thing with Java. After a few patch levels, Java is usually pretty reliable.

- -chris

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