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From Pascal Guy <>
Subject Resource configuration problems on servlets (images, css, javascript)
Date Tue, 28 Nov 2006 20:41:11 GMT
Hi all,
I'm a bit new to servlet programming so i'll be as clear as i can.
I'm developing a small web application to test servlets in a project at 
The project is fairly simple we a jsp pages that POST requests to a 
central servlet that controls the flow of the application
My partner codded the jsp pages (which include css, javascript and 
images) everything working on his side as far as the pages displaying 
the images and the javascipt functionality

The problem comes when we integrate to post the request to my controller
The controller works fine but the resources are not working (css, images 
and javascript)

the configuration is simple


the images have the right path to access the resources when i check the 

When i debug the application i can see multiple request when i acces the 
login page (or any other page for that matter)
as if the request to get the images (or resources) were handled by my 
servlet and my servlet as it's coded does'nt recognize that type of 
event (each request has to have an event type)

The controller works fine but even with multiple changes to my 
configuration i can't get the resources to work properly.

Do i need to map the resource types to something so it bypasses my 
servlet (and not be treated as a request)

I can't figure this out, though i've tried many setups.

Thanks anybody.


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