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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: CSS not being used when a Servlet is involved
Date Thu, 16 Nov 2006 14:04:38 GMT
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Robbert wrote:
> Christopher Schultz-2 wrote:
>> Whether or not you use struts, I highly recommend that you avoid tricks
>> like calling a servlet from a JSP in order to execute your business
>> logic. If you have a waterfall-style logical flow (i.e. execute servlet
>> first, then JSP), it's only natural to have the flow actually do that.
>> It's okay if you application isn't 100% "pull-based" ;)
>> -chris
> It seemed like a good way of doing things at the time, since the Servlet's
> output is not needed for the page itself. :p But I am doing more things than
> necessary, yeah.

Aah, I see that you're saying. Often, servlets emit no output. I would
say that /almost all/ servlets emit no output, but that they are
generally used to set up the request so that control can be passed to an
output-generating mechanism (JSP, Velocity, whatever). This is the
natural way that pretty much everybody does servlet programming.

The best reason to switch is that you are having problems with your
awkward setup, eh? ;)

Good luck,
- -chris
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