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From Tim Alberts <>
Subject Re: Manager deploy uploaded war - doesn't use the /WEB-INF/context.xml
Date Wed, 15 Nov 2006 21:14:38 GMT
David Smith wrote:
> As I remember you wanted an involved path  -- ie
> path/to/my/webapp/my.jsp ...
> Use the path as the war's filename replacing all the / characters with #
> symbols.  Should work
Well before we continue, thank you for the help...

However it's not going well.  I renamed the 'app.war' file as 
'path#to#myapp#app.war' and the Manager application took it and said it 
was fine.  However the link shows as 
'http://host:8080/path#to#myapp#app' and does not work.  When I go back 
to the manager though, it shows 2 applications loaded.  The one I 
mentioned and something that looks correct 
'http://host:8080/path/to/myapp/app'.  Unfortunately, it says that it 
can't load this application: 

FAIL - Application at context path /path/to/myapp/app could not be started

This seems to be on the right track, but not quite there.

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