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From Bertrand Baesjou <>
Subject Web Service state migration/preservation possibly in combination with WSRF
Date Wed, 08 Nov 2006 16:10:13 GMT
Hi all,

I have a question regarding the preservation of the state of a WS. Lets 
say I have two nodes which both run the same service and one of those 
nodes is sort of the primary node (clients only connect to the primary 
node). Now I want that the second node "knows" the state of the first 
node so that in a case of a failure (shutdown or something) of the first 
node, the second knows in which state the sessions of the clients in the 
primary node were and via some sort of negotiation, the second node 
resumes the session with the clients.

What are my possibilities here or stuff I certainly have to look into? 
The WS in question currently uses WSRF to preserve its state internally, 
is that re-usable? I also read something about WS-Context, but that is 
still just a document and not a framework yet, also not sure in which 
extent it is actually useful.

By the way, I am not searching for a solution where an edge node 
preserves  the session (dispatcher like) and the other nodes just 
process jobs. I really want to exchange state information between the 
nodes. This exchange may be done by WS, but might also be done by other 
means (syncing of databases with information using rsync or something). 
Since I am quite new to this, I might not have read everything, thus 
feel free to provide me links to sites or documents that might be 

I hope I made myself a bit clear, if not I'll elaborate some more.

Best regards and thank you in advance,

P.S. I am quite new in the Web Services world, so there is a lot to 
learn for me and maybe more questions will follow.
P.P.S. This question is due to a general model (not only for WS) I am 
developing for my Masters thesis about migrating service interfaces. 
Eventually this thesis will be freely available along with any relevant 
information for WS within the thesis subject.

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