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From David Kerber <>
Subject Re: How to get fields list in order
Date Fri, 03 Nov 2006 17:43:50 GMT
Christopher Schultz wrote:


>>I read the data from the structures, load it into my classes,
>>do all my processing in java with those regular classes, then write the
>>data back out of the classes into the structures, and pass it back to
>>the calling prog.
>I'm sorry to say it (again), but I think you're just asking for trouble,
>here. What do you have implemented in Java that's so useful and
>difficult to port to Delphi or VM or (even better) C#?
What's VM?  I would really prefer to have this done in Delphi, but 
basically it has to do with where we have programmer-hours available.  
We're a very small company (15 people total).  I'm the only VB and the 
main Java programmer.  We have two guys who do Delphi and a little java, 
but they are completely socked up with other work.  We have no other 
programmers, and can't afford the cash outlay to bring in a contract 
programmer to do it in C or Delphi.  We have no C (of any flavor) 
programmers in-house.  The other reason (not the deciding one, but 
another point in its favor) to do it in java is for later portability to 
another package we're considering developing over the next year or so 
for web-based administration of one of our other apps.


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