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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: How to get fields list in order
Date Fri, 03 Nov 2006 17:30:48 GMT

David Kerber wrote:
>> JavaDllBuilder looks like it should be used to call Java from another
>> language. Are you using this package backwards?
> No, I'm using it to make a .dll in java that I can call from VB and
> Delphi.

Okay, that makes way more sense.

This might be a better question on a different group. You /did/ give us
a heads-up, though ;)

> Reading and writing the data from those structures requires that
> I know the byte offsets of each piece of data inside them

Perhaps you should get someone to write simpler Java wrappers around
these things, so maybe you could deal exclusively with String data, or
maybe even with byte arrays of information that is packed in an explicit
way (for instance, Java's DataOutputStream can write binary data in
network byte order, with well-defined sizes, offsets, etc.)

> I read the data from the structures, load it into my classes,
> do all my processing in java with those regular classes, then write the
> data back out of the classes into the structures, and pass it back to
> the calling prog.

I'm sorry to say it (again), but I think you're just asking for trouble,
here. What do you have implemented in Java that's so useful and
difficult to port to Delphi or VM or (even better) C#?


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