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From Mikolaj Rydzewski <>
Subject Re: Context reload mandatory ?
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2006 13:33:13 GMT wrote:
> Indeed, the work dir is full of cloned webapps, and until a reload the ABCReports doesn't
contain my pages.
> But how can I specify ABCReport not doing this copying job? Disabling antiJar/antiResource
Locking ?
I think you should redesign your application.

> This webapp writes some reports under ($TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/ABCReports)
It is a bad thing.

If you generate reports on the fly, so there's no reason to save them on 
disk. If you want to cache them for a while use some cache 
software/library. If you want them to persist (really? why one want to 
persists a generated report) store them in a database or in some other 
directory, accesible with servlet or context mapping.

You do use source control to have your application sources consistent, 
right? So should you store generated, persistent reports in a source 
control system...

Mikolaj Rydzewski <>

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