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From Velpi <>
Subject Re: JNDI Realm and Active Directory root search
Date Wed, 01 Nov 2006 19:42:24 GMT
> When searching LDAP from the root,  you will get a referral reply from AD
> that has a server DNS name of JUST the domain name (ie NOT the
> initial server name you used in your connectionURL.

one small remark:
"" in your post is what you chose as root object for your AD 
when you installed it. I guess this is one of the reasons why MS tells 
you to give the machine an FQDN *before* upgrading it to a domain 
controller. I've already seen a few variations from people that do not 
use their AD for DNS (eg company.local etc).

Good job ;).

Have you tried setting referrals="ignore"? I would think this would mean 
"don't bother about referrals", but in my last attempt that didn't solve 
things. What's the result in your case?

-- Velpi

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