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From Glen Mazza <>
Subject Webapps that run on 5.0.28 but not 5.5.x?
Date Wed, 01 Nov 2006 18:00:57 GMT

Question:  How common is it for a webapp to be able to run on Tomcat 
5.0.28 but *not* 5.5.20?

For the installation of a commerical web application that calls for 
installation of Tomcat 5.0.28, I'm inclined to just go ahead and use the 
5.5 series of servlet containers.  Customer support is concerned that 
Tomcat 5.5 will not work (or at least has not been tested on the new 
version).  My thinking is that:

1.) Both containers implement the same specifications, so their 
development team would *really* have to be coding obscurely, bending 
over backwards to try to trip up the 5.5 servlet container, to be able 
to manage to build a webapp that will run on 5.0.28 but not 5.5.20.

2.) Further, it would require an extremely talented development team to 
be able to create a webapp that will run on 5.0.28 but not 5.5.20, but 
paradoxically, if they had that level of talent they would *not* build 
an application anyway that will work on 5.0.28 but not 5.5.20.

Is my logic here correct or faulty?  To what degree is "This webapp will 
work on 5.0.28 but not 5.5.20" an old wives' tale?


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