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From <>
Subject [resolved] RE: Context reload mandatory ?
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2006 13:56:04 GMT

Thanks for your advice,

About this webapp design. 
The case is : 
 1-Some users may submit an analyse. 
 2-This analyse must complete asynchronously, and send a mail when it's done. 
 3-The URL of the report is include in the mail.
 4-When it has been read, the user may delete it.
So no need to include them in a DBMS/SCM or whatever... Just to be readable when it's done,
and a cron will delete the too old ones.

Back to the tomcat part of the problem:
My default context.xml has been setup to force antiJar/resource locking.
So writing a ABCReport/META-INF/context.xml with just:
<Context antiJARLocking="false" antiResourceLocking="false">
Forbids tomcat to copy it in temp dir, and reports change are available directly without reloading

May this mail be useful to some future potential readers

Thanks again

> -----Message d'origine-----
> De : Mikolaj Rydzewski [] 
> Envoyé : jeudi 2 novembre 2006 14:33
> À : Tomcat Users List
> Objet : Re: Context reload mandatory ?
> wrote:
> > Indeed, the work dir is full of cloned webapps, and until a 
> reload the ABCReports doesn't contain my pages.
> > But how can I specify ABCReport not doing this copying job? 
> Disabling antiJar/antiResource Locking ?
> >   
> I think you should redesign your application.
> > This webapp writes some reports under 
> > ($TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/ABCReports)
> It is a bad thing.
> If you generate reports on the fly, so there's no reason to 
> save them on disk. If you want to cache them for a while use 
> some cache software/library. If you want them to persist 
> (really? why one want to persists a generated report) store 
> them in a database or in some other directory, accesible with 
> servlet or context mapping.
> You do use source control to have your application sources 
> consistent, right? So should you store generated, persistent 
> reports in a source control system...
> --
> Mikolaj Rydzewski <>
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