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From John Gorkos <>
Subject Re: DBCP Pool not context-specific?
Date Wed, 01 Nov 2006 18:25:32 GMT
On Wednesday 01 November 2006 12:19, Christopher Schultz wrote:
> > using a per-app context XML that looks like this:
> >
> > <Context crossContext="true" debug="10" docBase="AMDSTools"
> It looks like you have your resource defined (correctly) in context.xml,
> which is what I would expect do to for context isolation of such a
> DataSource.
> I wonder if "crossContext=true" muddles this at all? My understanding is
> that crossContext="true" basically changes the cookie path from "/myapp"
> to "/", and allows a globally-managed session instead of per-context
> sessions. I'm grasping at straws, here, since your config at least looks
> plausible.
> >     <Resource name="jdbc/psql" auth="Container"
> Any chance that your JNDI names are colliding with other apps? I dunno
> if Tomcat provides JNDI isolation for contexts (although it wouldn't
> make any sense not to provide that).
Indeed, they ALL use this same resource name...  

> If none of these turns out to be the problem, you may have to re-post
> your question. Often, folks on the list assume that a continued
> conversation means that the problem is getting solved by someone else,
> and might not read it. If you don't get a reply for a day or so, re-post
> with some of the extra information you've provided to me.
> I'm not an expert when it comes to the subtleties of Tomcat and context
> isolation. Who knows... maybe you even found a bug.
> -chris
thanks for your help.  I think I'll try changing resource names.  A name that 
includes the appName would help prevent collisions, especially on a shared 
server, where I don't own all the apps.

John Gorkos

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