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From John Gorkos <>
Subject DBCP Pool not context-specific?
Date Wed, 01 Nov 2006 17:49:57 GMT
I have a DBCP quandry that I'm puzzled by.  I use per-context JNDI handles to 
the same Postgres database for multiple apps running inside tomcat.  Each 
context.xml sets up connection limits, max idle, etc, slightly differently.

One of my apps was not closing DBhandle correctly (I might take issue with the 
instructions posted at , 
but that's for another email) and was exhausting the pool.  The part that 
puzzles me is that the other applications were ALSO affected by the pool 
exhaustion.  Does tomcat not set up per-context pools, but rather share one 
pool among all contexts, even though I specified pools per context?   If it 
only uses one pool, which set of configuration params does it choose (since I 
set different params in each context.xml).


John Gorkos

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