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From <>
Subject Can't find file - newbie question
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT
I've got a class that reads a file when it is first invoked.  When I run this 
class standalone, (meaning not using Tomcat), the class finds the file and can 
read it just fine.  But when I call the class from a JSP under Tomcat, I get an 
error that indicates the class cannot find the file. 
The class, ("foo"), is in package "".  The file, ("stuff.txt") has 
had copies placed in the root, (TomcatProject), in /TomcatProject/WEB-INF, in 
TomcatProject/lib,  in TomcatProject/classes/com/xyz/bar, and I have tried to 
point the class to each of these locations - with no luck. 
Do I need to do something like define the file somehow in web.xml ?

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