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From "hv @ Fashion Content" <>
Subject mod_ajp: conflicting ajp connectors on localhost
Date Sat, 07 Oct 2006 21:38:03 GMT
I seem to have hit a snag with proxying to ajp under httpd 2.2.3 & Tomcat 

My configuration include 5 virtual hosts on 2 domains. One directs 
everything on to Tomcat. One directs a single application on to Tomcat, 
while the other directs on to a Python server.

The odd thing is that the first site works fine getting all the trafic while 
on the second site I only get forbidden returned. On the django site I get a 
forbidden but a Tomcat FAVICON !

As I recall the configuration needed to get a basic site running on the 
Tomcat side just involves enabling the ajp connector, and the rest should 
happend automagically. Isnt that correct ?


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