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From "Fisher, Mitchell L" <>
Subject RE: IIS 6.0 with JK 1.2.19
Date Tue, 03 Oct 2006 18:16:46 GMT
There is no problem with the missing arrow. says:

"In Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0, an ISAPI filter that has
been added at the site level does not load until the Web server has
served at least one request to that site."

Once I made a request to the site, I got my green arrow.  I used the
Default Web Site for the filter, and not the enclosing Web Sites folder.

Although, when I rebooted and before making another request, I got the
green arrow anyway.

I am however getting errors in the iis_redirect.log:

[error] jk_uri_worker_map.c (322): invalid context *.jsp
[error] jk_uri_worker_map.c (615): invalid mapping rule *.jsp->main
[emerg] jk_isapi_plugin.c (1253): Unable to read worker file

I changed permissions for the \conf folder as I did for \logs and
\bin\native below, rebooted, and still get this [emerg] error.  Ideas?

Mitchell Fisher | Unisys Corp., S&T, ClearPath MCP | Net 385-3450
External 610-648-3450 Fax 610-695-5060 

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From: Fisher, Mitchell L [] 
Sent: Monday, October 02, 2006 2:36 PM
To: Tomcat Users List
Subject: RE: IIS 6.0 with JK 1.2.19

Turk, Mladen wrote:
> One of the problems can be caused by the access rights for
> the folder having isapi_redirect.dll
> Also the IIS process must have full access rights to logs
> folder.
I changed security of  \tomcat\bin\native & \tomcat\logs to:
    . IIS_WPG to Allow Full Control
    . Internet Guest Account to Allow Full Control
    . Users to Allow Full Control

Restarted IIS and no change.  Is this what you meant?  I have not
created a log file in the logs folder.

> Sometimes the IIS Metabase can get corrupted.
> Use the IIS MetabaseExplorer from:
> and remove any duplicate Filter entries for jakarta if they exist.

Great tool.  But it only shows two jakarta entries:
   1002  MD_KEY_TYPE           Server String   20  IIsFilter
   2041  MD_FILTER_IMAGE_PATH  Server String  112
   1002  MD_KEY_TYPE                Server String  34 IIsWebVirtualDir
   2102  MD_APP_FRIENDLY_NAME  INH  WAM    String  16 jakarta
   2103  MD_APP_ROOT           INH  File   String  50
   2104  MD_APP_ISOLATED       INH  WAM    Number   4 2
   3001  MD_VR_PATH            INH  File   String  74
   6005  MD_DIRECTORY_BROWSING INH  File   Number   4 1073741886
   6016  MD_ACCESS_PERM        INH  File   Number   4 517


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