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From Andrew Miehs <>
Subject Re: threads, performance, and exceptions
Date Mon, 02 Oct 2006 06:09:18 GMT
You may want to try turning off keepalives in your tomcat. (I assume  
you are only using tomcat, and not proxying through mod_jk and  
apache/ IIS).

In your connector settings have a look at 'maxKeepAliveRequests="1"'

If you really have that many threads, you will probably be best of  
using Linux, with a 2.6 Kernel due to the way Linux deals with threads.



On 02/10/2006, at 5:16 AM, Peter Warren wrote:

> My question is: how can I best improve the performance?  Is the server
> really refusing client connections or is the load test bogging down  
> and
> reporting spurious messages (the load test uses many threads as well)?
> Is the high # of threads on the server a problem?  Would running on
> Linux or another OS help?  Is there a way for me to minimize the # of
> servlet threads required?

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