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From "Claudio Greuter" <>
Subject Tomcat And IIS: Mapping different Host headers to the same Webapplication Instance
Date Wed, 25 Oct 2006 09:41:44 GMT
Hi List

We are using a CMS (Magnolia) running on Tomcat to publish content for
several webs. 

The CMS is one single Web application which locks some database files
upon loading. This means I cannot load the same web application in
different contexts or hosts, because the CMS throws errors because the
Database is already locked. So I can only configure tomcat with one


The web sites have an URL path below this, for example:

In front of this we are having IIS running to serve some static contents
as well as other dynamic stuff(php, Asp) and the website addresses
should be mapped from IIS to Tomcat in the following way: -->
http://Localhost:8080/customer/magnoliaAuthor/site1/ -->

I tried this using JK2, however it seems that I would have to create a
separate context for each site, which is not possible because of the
mentioned database locks.

Is there a procedure I could follow or perhaps someone of you has an
idea how to solve this.

Many thanks in advance:


IPH Informatik AG
Herr Claudio Greuter 
Lagerhausstrasse 9
8400 Winterthur
Tel: 		+41 (0)52 203 26 72
Fax: 		+41 (0)52 233 94 71

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