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From "ben short" <>
Subject Re: Servlet Mappings
Date Mon, 30 Oct 2006 19:42:46 GMT
I deploy this test webapp via the tomcat manager to http://myhost/test.

The appBase in the sever.xml is set, as default, to webapps. The
directory structure is

  - ROOT - Currently another applicaiton I have setup.
 - test - The test application.

When deploying to the root, just name the war file ROOT.xml the rest
of the server is configured as default.

To url to trigger the jsp is http://myhost/test/test.html.

Im just knocking up a servlet to do the same thing to remove spring
from the picture.


On 10/30/06, Caldarale, Charles R <> wrote:
> > From: []
> > Subject: Re: Servlet Mappings
> >
> > Im deploying a war file. Im also using spring. I havent touched the
> > web.xml. I have litrally downloaded and un tared the file from the
> > apache tomcat website.
> I'm not familiar with configuring spring, so someone else will have to
> check that.  I suspect it's muddying up the picture.
> > Here is the layout of the test app;lication i have setup to
> > try it out.
> That looks o.k. as far as it goes, but you didn't tell us where it's
> actually deployed, nor how you think you got it to be ROOT.  Do you have
> a conf/[engine]/[host]/ROOT.xml with a <Context> element and a docBase
> attribute pointing to wherever your .war is?  If the .war is also in the
> <Host>'s appBase directory, you've deployed the app twice, which is
> probably not desirable.
> So again, what is your appBase set to?  What's the directory structure
> underneath the appBase?
> What URL do you use to trigger execution of the test.jsp file?  Can you
> try this without using spring?
>  - Chuck
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