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From Peter Rossbach>
Subject Re: help with session replication using PersistentManager and FileStore
Date Tue, 03 Oct 2006 21:34:28 GMT

Don't use it!  Use real  "In Memory"- session replication and
Non-Stickyness is not support and usefull at java web application.  
Please, read the servlet spec.


Am 03.10.2006 um 22:46 schrieb Matthew Kennedy:

> We have a load balancer and several Tomcat instances.  Currently this
> "cluster" uses sticky sessions, ie. the load balancer routes the
> request to the Tomcat instance holding the session which belongs to  
> the
> request.  The goal is to change our configuration so that all sessions
> are persisted to a shared network filesystem, thus allowing non-sticky
> sessions -- ie. any tomcat instance can handle a request.
> The Overview section of the Tomcat 5.5 Clustering/Session  
> Replication HOW-TO ( 
> howto.html)
> suggests that this configuration is possible: "1. Using session
> persistence, and saving the session to a shared file system
> (PersistenceManager + FileStore)".
> I've tried the following Manager config:
>   <Manager className="org.apache.catalina.session.PersistentManager"
>        maxActiveSessions="-1"
>        maxIdleBackup="0"
>        maxIdleSwap="0"
>        minIdleSwap="0">
>     <Store className="org.apache.catalina.session.FileStore"  
> directory="sessions"/>
>   </Manager>
> maxIdleBackup=0 because we want the session to become instantly  
> eligible for persisting to the store,
> maxIdleSwap=0 to have it persisted right after last access,  
> minIdleSwap=0 (similarly).
> With
> this configuration, the session is still not persisted immediately,
> instead it seems to occur a minute or so later.  If a new request for
> the same session is routed by the load balancer to another Tomcat, and
> the original Tomcat still hasn't persisted it to the filesystem, then
> the new request will get an old copy of the session or none at all.
> Have I misunderstood something here?
> Matt
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