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From "Alan Burlison" <>
Subject Re: Changing defaultHost from localhost to a FQDN
Date Fri, 27 Oct 2006 21:47:46 GMT
> The above is confusing to me.  Where is the app deployed?

webapps/ROOT (works) or webapps/meshcms (doesn't)

>  Where is the <Context> element for this app located?


>  What are the attributes  specified for this <Context>?

<Context path="" docBase="ROOT" reloadable="false" />

> With Tomcat 5 and above, <Context> elements should not go in server.xml,
> the path attribute must not be used, and docBase can be used only when
> the <Context> element is in conf/[engine]/[host]/[appname].xml AND the
> app is not deployed in the <Host>'s appBase directory.

Ah, and I'm using 5.5.  I've checked the 5.5 docs and I can't find
*any* of those restrictions mentioned, other than a recommendation
that <Context> elements aren't placed in server.xml, but I got the
impression that this was advisory, not mandatory.

So how *should* I do what I want, i.e. deploy the app in a directory
called meshcms under webapps, or am I forced to name it ROOT if I want
it to be the default application?


Alan Burlison

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