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From "Alan Burlison" <>
Subject Re: Changing defaultHost from localhost to a FQDN
Date Fri, 27 Oct 2006 20:48:59 GMT
> I've just tried it again with both 5.5.20 and 6.0.0, changing
> "localhost" to "" in two places in server.xml (<Host> and
> <Engine>) and in the Windows hosts file.  Everything works, including
> JSPs and servlets.
> For 5.5.20, my server.xml is the default one with the two changes noted
> above.  You might want to go back to a fresh download, change only those
> two items, and try it again.  It's possible you've accidentally taken
> out something critical for JSP compilations.

I have it working - well, kinda.  If I deploy the application as ROOT,
and with ROOT as the docBase it works fine.  If I move it to "meshcms"
(the WAR file name) and modify docRoot to match, it doesn't.  It
serves the JSP but all the links in the page (e.g. to the stylesheets)
are wrong.

Looks like there is something wrong with the webapp.

Alan Burlison

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