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From "Alan Burlison" <>
Subject Re: Changing defaultHost from localhost to a FQDN
Date Fri, 27 Oct 2006 09:23:03 GMT
> I just tried the same change, and it all works fine - assuming you have
> made an entry for in your hosts file, restarted Tomcat, and
> cleared your browser's cache.

That occured to me just after I sent mail ;-)  I've just tried that
and it didn't help, unfortunately :-(

> >     <Connector port="80" />
> I realize the protocol attribute is supposed to default to "HTTP/1.1",
> but just for grins, you might try setting it.

The odd thing is that it does appear to be serving *html* from under
the web application directory, just not JSPs.  If I put an index.html
under webapps/ROOT I see the content.

Alan Burlison

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