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From boonting <>
Subject xampp-->tomcat, java performance
Date Sat, 14 Oct 2006 01:57:25 GMT


Anybody work with xampp-->tomcat, mysql, apache? If i post into wrong forum
please guide me. If my question is confusing, please let me know, i will try
my best to explain.

Recently I am facing very weird problem.
My Company server attacked by virus and hijacked by hacker.
I have re-installed my anti-virus, and run some program to check those
un-necessary windows registry.

Now the problem is my tomcat application is unstable. In the task manager,
java.exe when the CPU usage is 25%, then tomcat will not responding.The
application is dying. The CPU usage would not drop, it will stay at 25 %, i
need to manually kill the process from task manager. The tomcat shutdown.bat
can't stop the java.exe.
For your information, Tomcat startup.bat will start the java.exe. Therefore,
the tomcat shutdown.bat should be able to stop the java.exe service. But but

I am using perfmon to monitor the java performance. In task manager ,
java.exe 25%, then in perfmon is 100%.
I am really no idea what is going on? Anybody can guide me ? Is it any other
background process running?
In task manager, i can't see other unknow process running.

I am using xampp version:
ApacheFriends XAMPP (basic package) version 1.5.0-pl1

  + Apache 2.0.55
  + MySQL 5.0.15 + Bug #13783
  + PHP 5.0.5 + PHP 4.4.1-pl1 + PEAR
  + eAccelerator 0.9.4-dev
  + PHP-Switch win32 1.0 (from Apachefriends, use the "php-switch.bat") 
  + XAMPP Control Version 2.1 from	
  + XAMPP Security 1.0	
  + SQLite 2.8.15
  + OpenSSL 0.9.8a
  + phpMyAdmin 2.6.4-pl3
  + ADODB 4.65
  + Mercury Mail Transport System v4.01b
  + FileZilla FTP Server 0.9.10a
  + Webalizer 2.01-10
  + Zend Optimizer 2.5.10a
Tomcat version:
=> Tomcat 5.5.9
=> mod_jk2/2.0.4 

JDK required is JAVA SUN J2EE 5.0 SDK 

My application cannot continue after 10 minutes, because the java.exe will
reach 25%, then application is not responding. Please help, my application
got customer using.
Your help is appreciated. I would like to know any other suggestion except
format the machine.
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