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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: Tomcat Ajp13 Connector hang
Date Tue, 31 Oct 2006 19:51:40 GMT
Hi Mao (or Ni or Chen?),

your environment seems *very* outdated. Please update to Tomcat 4.1.34
und mod_jk 1.2.19. If the problem still shows up, please post relevant
parts of your configs (Apache and tomcat side) and check via netstat, if
tomcat still listens on the Ajp13 port.



Ni Chen schrieb:
> Hi Folks,
> We are having an issue that Ajp13 Connector being unresponsive. It happened about once
a week. We are running one Apache 2.0, three Tomcat 4.1.27 and mod_jk 1.2.5 / Ajp13 on HP
11i boxes. 
> We noticed that every time Ajp13 Connector received an exception (see below) when setting
socket options, serverSocket was closed and reopened, 
> ===========
> serverSocket in Ajp13Connector got an exception when socket.setSoLinger(). 
> 2006-10-24 15:31:31 Ajp13Connector[9015] accept: 
> Invalid Character In Attribute Name.
>  at Method)
>  at
>  at
>  at
>  at
> 2006-10-24 15:31:31 Ajp13Connector[9015] run():  not stopped, so reopening server socket
> 2006-10-24 15:31:31 Ajp13Connector[9015] Opening server socket on all host IP addresses
> 2006-10-24 15:31:31 Ajp13Connector[9015] accepting socket...
> ==========
> Ajp13 Connector was not able to process new connection requests any more. If we telnet
it, we got timeout, and socket status is SYN_SENT. If we restart Tomcat, it works again.
> Our Ajp13 Connector setting:
>     <Connector className="org.apache.ajp.tomcat4.Ajp13Connector"
>                port="9015"
>                minProcessors="250"
>                maxProcessors="250"
>                acceptCount="50"
>                debug="7"/>
> We don’t have special settings in except worker.loadbalancer.stick_session=1
> When this issue happens, Tomcat continues work on the established connections to handle
requests, but eventually all sockets will be closed by Processors, and then Tomcat hang since
no new connection could be established. However, we still see around 80 established connections
in the netstat. 
> Could it be other processes we forked in the tomcat that holding the connection, and
then it caused socket file descriptor dead lock or unavailable?
> Any comments are welcome!
> Mao
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