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From Ryan Gies <>
Subject OutOfMemory Exceptions and HTTP Processor Threads
Date Tue, 31 Oct 2006 18:59:14 GMT
What I observe is:

a) A certain amount of free memory is required to instantiate a web application
b) Concurrent requests are handled by separate HTTP Processor threads
c) The maxSpareThreads attribute of the HTTP Connector is not honored until GC

And when I:

1) Deploy three "helloworld" Turbine applications
2) Use JMeter to hit the first webapp with 100 concurrent threads
3) Subsequently hit the second and third webapps with the same test plan

I will get OutOfMemory Exceptions because there is no free memory to instantiate 
the 3rd webapp, as the idle HTTP Connectors have consumed all available memory.

So I ask, "Am I understanding this correctly?  Is this known and specified 

using apache-tomcat-5.5.20 out-of-the-box (tar.gz)
with jdk1.5.0_09 and starting it up with: jpda start -Xmx30m -Xms30m
sample apps created as:
maven turbine:setup

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