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From Maurice Yarrow <>
Subject Re: Tomcat Security
Date Sat, 28 Oct 2006 19:10:12 GMT

Yes, thank you for clarifying you question:

The answer is the latter:  authentication required.
In fact, there are three levels of privacy on these images and documents:
    public:              (everyone can view)
    passworded:  (password required for viewing: say, your
                              family only.  This pw specific to these views)
    private:             (only you, the owner, have access - so only your
                              login permits you to see these views)

Presumably, most views are public, but this has to be the owner's 
decision, no ?

Maurice Yarrow

Christopher Schultz wrote:

>>Silly question for Maurice: why are you trying to protect your images?
>>Do you want to stop people from ripping them off from your site?
>>It's not my call, but the customer's.
>You still didn't answer the question: what is the goal, here? Do you
>want to "prevent" linking to your images from other pages? Prevent
>people requesting the images directly? How about "nobody gets an image
>unless they are authenticated?"

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