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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Program to obtain a performance in tomcat server
Date Fri, 20 Oct 2006 13:58:56 GMT

> The intention is of comparing Windows with Linux in environment
> Apache  + Tom Cat.
> We made some measurements and no matter how incredible it seems, the
> windows (web editon) it ended up being a little faster (small
> difference).
> Now we want to obtain a test of load in two optimized (so compiled
> and with only necessary modules).

If you want to do something quick-and-dirty, and you just want to see
the amount of time spent servicing requests, then you can create a valve
(or filter) that times the execution of the pipeline and then dumps the
URL + the time to either a logfile or a database.

I'm not sure exactly how some of the 3rd-party monitoring tools get
their hooks into Tomcat, but this is just about as lean and mean as you
can get.


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