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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: IPTABLES
Date Wed, 18 Oct 2006 22:59:54 GMT

>> Without some really nasty code, Tomcat is unable to do the same
>> thing, so we're forced to do silly things like internal port 
>> forwarding, etc.
> Didn't realize that jsvc was considerd "really nasty", since I suspect
> it's doing the exact same thing httpd is at startup.

I've never used jsvc. It took me a while, but I finally found
documentation that jsvc actually allows privileged port numbers
(, search for 'jsvc').

The documentation for jsvc itself does not indicate that it can do
anything like that. Apparently, Tomcat supports a specialized interface
for jsvc that allows for this kind of thing.

So, I suppose the answer to this guy's question is, "why are you trying
to fiddle with iptables when you could use jsvc?"

Oh, and I retract my statement about using Apache httpd to front Tomcat.
I still have other reasons ;)


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