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From Rizwan Merchant <>
Subject Stress test requirements
Date Tue, 17 Oct 2006 04:54:16 GMT

We are running a web app using tomcat 5.5.15, hibernate, spring, struts 
and mysql on a FC4 linux box. We also have mod_jk set up wih the apache 
web server to forward requests to tomcat.

We would like to stress test the application. Can someone guide me as to 
how I can begin doing this and if there are any well documented guides 
to stress test and application of this sort? We are trying to answer 
questions of the following nature:

1. Are there any memory leaks in the application?
2. Are there any db connection leaks? (We are using dbcp)
3. How many concurrent users can the application handle?
4. Any other performance issues that need to be fixed.

What kind of tools can I use for this sort of stress test? Does the 
machine we stress test on have to be EXACTLY the same as the production 
environment (hardware particularly)?


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