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From Alessandro Ilardo <>
Subject Re: tomcat doesn't reload my classes
Date Fri, 06 Oct 2006 09:49:36 GMT
I think that all the others problems I had were related to this 
Anyway, I had an issue with data saved in the application scope which 
after the user switched from http to https was not anymore available, 
and now I understand why.

If you don't mind I'd like to ask a couple of questions more about 
Tomcat configuration and the reasons of why often  is  associated with 
Apache http
1. You mentioned about Apache modules which webapp may need. Excluding 
php, are there any other useful modules which are not available using 
Tomcat and Java technology?

2. I'm a programmer, and not an expert of SSl encryption and 
certificates, but is it true that to each network card or IP address can 
be only associated one certificate?


> --- Alessandro Ilardo
> <> wrote:
>> back to my problem: I discovered that the kindly
>> network administrator 
>> had configured two tomcat instances, one working
>> with apache connector 
>> for the normal http request and the other on a
>> different port for the 
>> ssl. Both instances get the classes from the same
>> directory, but 
>> apparently on the one set for the ssl, reload
>> attribute was disabled for 
>> some how. In another words it means that each time I
>> reloaded the tomcat 
>> I only did it for the http connection.
> Not sure why he had two instances for HTTPS vs HTTP. 
> Apache filters out the encryption and passes off to
> Tomcat, so you should only have had to have Apache
> with the certificate installed, one tomcat instance
> (or multiple workers for session sharing), and there
> you go.  Bad configuration.
>> I have to say that I didn't have an easy life with
>> Apache http connector 
>> and Tomcat, especially for what regards ssl. I
>> believe that for future 
>> I'll opt for using tomcat as standalone webserver
>> which to serve html 
>> pages too, instead to lose working days again.
> Yes if you are not going to use any Apache modules for
> anything it is a good option to just use Tomcat.  I
> have a server running pure Tomcat, and I've had no
> problems, though once you have the connector and SSL
> setup for Apache there really isn't anything different
> from a plain install.  What problems have you had
> really?
> Wade
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