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From David Smith <>
Subject Re: Response already committed
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2006 14:13:30 GMT
Another thought to consider:  a redirect does not stop processing on the 
current request.  If you call a redirect in a filter and don't return 
immediately, this condition can occur.


Greg Ward wrote:

>On 03 October 2006, Dan Adams said:
>>Hmm, I don't think that is the culprit. I think all of our stuff is
>>thread safe. We're using a framework (Tapestry) which shields us from
>>threading issues like that and prevents us from storing request stuff in
>>the session. Also, if that were the case would that cause problems when
>>loading static files? I don't think so.
>We have occasionally seen "response not committed" errors with our
>Tapestry-based app.  I suspect it's a subtle bug in our code that we
>haven't tracked down yet.  You might ask on the Tapestry list for
>>Also, we are using a filter which when it tries to do a redirect will
>>throw an error complaining about this so this happens way before our app
>>ever gets to do anything:
>I don't understand that paragraph, but you might try disabling that
>filter and seeing if the problem goes away (assuming you can reproduce
>in non-production environment).
>        Greg
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