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From Alessandro Ilardo <>
Subject Re: tomcat doesn't reload my classes
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2006 13:01:57 GMT
Your suggestion is appreciated, all my webapp implement the driver 
you've suggested, but regarding the Realm configuration I preferred 
follow the tomcat docs which says: "The fully qualified Java class name 
of this Realm implementation. You *MUST* specify the value 
"|org.apache.catalina.realm.JDBCRealm|" here. " (see

back to my problem: I discovered that the kindly network administrator 
had configured two tomcat instances, one working with apache connector 
for the normal http request and the other on a different port for the 
ssl. Both instances get the classes from the same directory, but 
apparently on the one set for the ssl, reload attribute was disabled for 
some how. In another words it means that each time I reloaded the tomcat 
I only did it for the http connection.

I have to say that I didn't have an easy life with Apache http connector 
and Tomcat, especially for what regards ssl. I believe that for future 
I'll opt for using tomcat as standalone webserver which to serve html 
pages too, instead to lose working days again.

Thanks for your help

David Smith ha scritto:
> On the outset, looks good to me.  Can you confirm the location of your 
> new class files are where they belong inside of WEB-INF/classes of the 
> webapp?  Are there any logging messages that might suggest tomcat 
> isn't reading classes from the expected location?
> This comment has nothing to do with your problem, just an 
> observation.  The mysql driver name is very 
> old and kept only for compatibility reasons.  The driver location is 
> currently at com.mysql.jdbc.Driver.
> --David
> Alessandro Ilardo wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> on a remote tomcat 5.5 webserver we uploaded new .class files, we 
>> reloaded at least three times trough the manager but anytime we test 
>> it, looks like the old files are still running.
>> The META-INF folder contain the following context.xml configuration 
>> file:
>> <Context path="" 
>> docBase="/home/virtual/*****/fst/var/www/html/tomcat/" debug="0" 
>> reloadable="true">
>> <Realm className="org.apache.catalina.realm.JDBCRealm" debug="0" 
>> digest="MD5" driverName="" 
>> connectionURL="jdbc:mysql://*******" userTable="user" 
>> userNameCol="user" userCredCol="password" userRoleTable="role" 
>> roleNameCol="role"/>
>> </Context>
>> which it seems be ok.
>> Any help are welcome,
>> thanks in advance.
>> Alessandro ilardo
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