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From Tim Funk <>
Subject Re: CGI vs SMTP vs Tomcat
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2006 10:40:53 GMT
A CGI run from tomcat is just like any other exe. It runs outside the 
JVM sandbox so it may do as much evil (or good) as it wants. If  Tomcat 
is being run as a service. It could be your PATH and other environment 
variables may not be configured correctly. (Or at all)


> Good Afternoon,
> 	I am running Tomcat 5 with CGI enabled. I am attempting to use
> Net::SMTP to send e-mail, and it works fine from the command line, but
> not running as a CGI script. I have scoured the internet and found other
> people with this problem, but the derisive answer to their pleas for
> help has been "Write it in Java dummy!"
> 	I do not have that option, and so I must ask if there is some
> security function in Tomcat or a workaround, that allows perl CGI
> scripts to make a socket connection to port 25 of another server.

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