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From David Smith <>
Subject Re: CGI vs SMTP vs Tomcat
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2006 09:08:55 GMT
Really?!  I've been on this list for a while and do not recall such 
derisive comments.  Perhaps a more optimistic approach would help.

As to the problem, I don't use the setup you are attempting, so you are 
going to have to help with some more info.  Specifically a code example 
and logs for the moment when the connection is attempted.  Further, some 
information regarding the environment would also be helpful -- security 
settings, etc., ...  It may be that the CGI is relying on environment 
variables that aren't available to the tomcat service.


> Good Afternoon,
> 	I am running Tomcat 5 with CGI enabled. I am attempting to use
> Net::SMTP to send e-mail, and it works fine from the command line, but
> not running as a CGI script. I have scoured the internet and found other
> people with this problem, but the derisive answer to their pleas for
> help has been "Write it in Java dummy!"
> 	I do not have that option, and so I must ask if there is some
> security function in Tomcat or a workaround, that allows perl CGI
> scripts to make a socket connection to port 25 of another server.
> 	Thank you for your help in this matter. If you feel any other
> details are required to troubleshoot my problem, please feel free to
> contact me and ask.
> Very Respectfully,
> ~Sgt Halstead
> 15th MEU

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