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From Mladen Turk <>
Subject Re: IIS 6.0 with JK 1.2.19
Date Mon, 02 Oct 2006 06:26:18 GMT
Fisher, Mitchell L wrote:
> I have followed the instructions at
> but have managed to not get it
> right.  My ISAPI Filter does not show any arrow in the status column,
> red or green.  The Priority is * Unknown * and the Enable button is
> grayed.

One of the problems can be caused by the access rights for
the folder having isapi_redirect.dll
Also the IIS process must have full access rights to logs

> Are there any special instructions for 1.2.19?  I did create the Web
> Services Extension, called it "jakarta", and have rebooted numerous
> times.
> The ISAPI filter is defined against the Default Web Site.

Sometimes the IIS Metabase can get corrupted.
Use the IIS MetabaseExplorer from:
and remove any duplicate Filter entries for jakarta if they exist.

> I saw the message from Mladen about 1.2.18 needing a rewrite_rule_file,
> does that still need to be done for 1.2.19?



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