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From "Rizalino DeVilleres" <>
Subject RE: problems with unpacking ROOT.war
Date Tue, 24 Oct 2006 19:26:13 GMT

To follow up on this thread, is it possible for the appBase and the
docBase to be set the same? I believe I've tried this but it required me
to put the appBase within or under the docBase folder.

To simplify the issue, I would like all servlets/jsps/war files to be
all in public_html.

I believe I posted another thread with regards to that (perhaps we are
having email issues), I also tried looking into the docs to see if there
are any restrictions to these, if you have any docs/links I will try to
folow them to understand them more.. perhaps I just don't understand how
they really work yet. (learning tomcat stage).

I will try to setup what you've mentioned, perhaps this will give me an
idea how to make them work.


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From: Caldarale, Charles R [] 
Sent: Thursday, October 19, 2006 11:05 PM
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Subject: RE: problems with unpacking ROOT.war

> From: Rizalino DeVilleres [] 
> Subject: RE: problems with unpacking ROOT.war
> Is there another work around to get them both working? I believe, this
> is the same setup we've had on the previous versions of Tomcat, we
> simply want to place all the war/JSPs files in the public_html and
> servlets as mentioned above.

The intent of the Servlet and JSP specs is to define the environment for
execution of web _applications_, not arbitrary JSP files.  All JSP files
must be part of some context; you can use ROOT if no other context is
appropriate.  By default, each subdirectory and war file under the
host's appBase should be a deployable webapp, using the file structure
defined by the servlet spec.  Tomcat lets you avoid building such a file
structure if you place a <Context> element in the
conf/[engine]/[host]/[appname].xml file.

If I intrepreted your requirements properly, you should try the

1) Specify "/path/to/public_html" as your host's appBase.

2) Put your ROOT.xml in conf/[engine]/[host] specifying a docBase of

3) Place your unassociated JSP files in the /path/to/public_html/servlet

4) Put your war files or app directories (expanded wars) in the
/path/to/public_html directory (NOT /path/to/public_html/servlet).  The
name of each subdirectory or war file becomes the URI path to the app.

5) Do not put a WEB-INF subdirectory under /path/to/public_htmi/servlet,
unless you want the contents of that subdirectory deployed as both the
default app and "servlet".

 - Chuck

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