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Subject Re: [Solved] cheersVery basic web server hosting question
Date Tue, 31 Oct 2006 18:51:47 GMT
My problem was solved. Thank u everyone who tried to help me.
  Seems like port 80 was being blocked by my ISP, I was running tomcat on my sony vaio laptop,
seems like it has some software which is blocking the ports for anonymous requests.
  I tried in my PC and its working fine now. cheerss!!
  For people who do not have a static IP address from their ISPs can visit OR
since, they provide services changing IP address and updates your domain info dynamically.
  Thank you
David Smith <> wrote:
  I understand the frustration, but at the same time, this is a more or 
less basic web/network administration question. You need to read your 
cable router manual for how to forward traffic to a specific port (80) 
to a specific machine on the inside of your firewall or setup your 
server system to be in the DMZ. You'll also have to learn how to 
register a DNS domain name if you haven't already and point name servers 
to the public IP port your cable router is on.

There is one point that could be considered tomcat specific. You may 
need to set proxyName and proxyPort on the connector in your server.xml 
receiving traffic from your cable router. It's mostly so the outside 
people get correct redirect responses and the links are written correctly.



>I don't care if anyone finds this question interesting or not. I just want a solution,
if it were in the linksys manual then I would not have posted the question, I tried solving
the problem by calling the linksys tech support, also had a chat session with them, but they
don't understand the problem itself.
> The reason no-one is finding this an interesting question is that it's
>not really anything to do with Tomcat.
>Your LinkSys router probably has a manual, or at least some basic
>instructions for how to map external ports to the internal server.
>>I am a new tomcat 5.5 user. I have created some JSPs and they run perfectly in my
PC using tomcat.
>>I want to make my PC a webserver, so that ppl from outside can access my JSPs through
tomcat 5.5 running on my system.
>>My PC is connected to a router and my router is connected to a cable modem which has
a static ip address from my cable ISP.
>>But after that I don't know what to do further. How should I configure my tomcat,
so that ppl from outside can access my JSP website.
>>hOW SHOULD i access my pc from outside through my linksys router from port 8080 in
which tomcat is running on my pc.
>>Thank you
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