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From "DE VINZELLES, Guillaume \(ext.\)" <>
Subject RE: JDBC Pool exhaustion
Date Thu, 12 Oct 2006 08:45:18 GMT

One of our connections wasn't properly closed, as you said.
You fixed the problem and now everything is running fine.

Thanks to all the people who answered for your help!

Guillaume de Vinzelles
DSI/PFS Neuf Cegetel
Altran Technologies
01 70 18 21 64

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De : Richard DeGrande [] 
Envoyé : mercredi 11 octobre 2006 17:58
À : Tomcat Users List
Objet : Re: JDBC Pool exhaustion


Isn't dbcp connection pooling ??  I think I am missing something, I am
not clear on why you are advocating a separate pooling mechanism.
Can you elaborate on this a little ?


>>> "Martin Gainty" <> 10/11/2006 9:15 AM >>>
If you have 1000 connections then you would be well advised to use
connection pooling
more specifically you need to separate the activities of 
settingup a connection from
getting the connection

you also need to separate the activities of 
freeing the connection from 
connection teardown

connection setup and teardown are expensive operations and should be
used judiciously
continous connection setup and teardown will not only bog down the app
but slow the DB as it furiously tries to keep up with these resource

A vert good primer for setting up connection pools is available at 

A word on SEH
for non oo single threaded environments you may swallow the exception
if you have deemed the execution of the statement as optional
If the statement is required then I would always raise a meaningful
exception and not swallow it

If you have a OO env such as Java you should raise the exception and
handle it by the outermost handler in a structured way (definition of
as an aside I usually pass error_code and description

Feel free to Contact me offline for particulars of how to implement,

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Subject: Re: JDBC Pool exhaustion

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