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From "Durk Strooisma" <>
Subject Re: FW: question regarding 'mod_jk: error flushing'
Date Tue, 31 Oct 2006 14:37:29 GMT
Hi all!

I'm wondering the same.

I've got four servers (two production machines and their testing counter
parts) running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 with Apache 2, Tomcat 5, and
ModJK. Below the relevant packages are shown:

apache2                           2.0.49-27.59
apache2-prefork                   2.0.49-27.59
apache2-jakarta-tomcat-connectors 5.0.19-29.1
jakarta-tomcat                    5.0.19-29.1

Since June 2006 I'm getting lots of "mod_jk: Error flushing \n" on one
production system (and its testing system as well), but everything seems to
work fine... The other production system isn't affected.

It's kind of annoying that there's no timestamp shown in the error message.
Debugging is really tough this way. I'm wondering what it means and whether
it's harmless or not. Like Kevin states, nowhere on the internet this
question seems to answered.

Thanks in advance!


> Hello there,
> Does anyone know what is this 'mod_jk: error flushing' about? I am using
> Tomcat 5.0, Apache and Mod_JK in production environment and keep getting
> this error in error log. I do google search and find lots of persons
> asking this question but no answer. Can anybody having experience with
> this shed a light on what it might be and how to resolve it?
> Thanks a lot,
> Kevin Song

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