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From "Frank J Murray" <>
Subject Apache Tomcat\Windows XP\page not found
Date Sun, 01 Oct 2006 23:48:54 GMT
It happens when I attempt to acess the Apache Tomcat page http://localhost:8080.
The browser is IE 6.0, running under Windows XP.

I checked Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services, and lists ApaAche
Tomcat as neither Started nor Stopped.  After I manually start it and try
accessing the Apache Tomcat page, the same thing happens, either the
browser displays a blank page or gives me the "page not found" error.

Yes, I did try accessing through http://localhost:8080 and not 808; again,
error msg or a blank page.

Any assistance is appreciated.  Thanks.


What is giving you this error?  Is this from the browser, or something
from a startup script?

Check your services (Control Panel->Administrative tools->Services), and
make sure the Tomcat service has started.  If it hasn't go ahead and
start it from the Services control panel.  You shouldn't need to run
anything from the command line to start or use Tomcat.

If it's failing to start, check the Catalina and Jakarta_service log
files under $INSTALLDIR\logs.

You're trying to connect to "http://localhost:8080/", right?  I remember
spending a good ten minutes once after I fumble-fingered the URL to port
808, trying to figure out why Tomcat wasn't responding. ;)

Tracy Nelson / Nelnet Business Solutions
402 / 617-9449

| -----Original Message-----
| From: Frank J Murray []
| Sent: Thursday, 28 September, 2006 22:30
| To: Tomcat Users List
| Subject: Apache Tomcat\Windows XP\"page not found" error
| Hello,
|    This is a new post, and I am a newbie (at least to Apache Tomcat on
| Windows).
| I went to the website and downloaded and installed the
| Windows executable under Core distributions, i.e.,
|         Core:
|   a.. zip (pgp, md5)
|   b.. tar.gz (pgp, md5)
|   c.. Windows Executable (pgp, md5)
| The install went fine, but when I try to start Apache Tomcat, it just
| gives me the standard error message, "unable to connect."
| This happens even after I start the Apache service known as
| "Configure Tomcat" within the Apache Tomcat folder (or directory).
| I'm guessing I need to install one or two other important files or
| as well as do some configuring, similar to setting JAVA_HOME, and
| executing (./ in Unix) the startup file (or .bat) in Windows.
| Any information is appreciated.  Thanks.
| fjm

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