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From "Bill Barker" <>
Subject Re: How to disable "HTTP/100 Continue" on Tomcat
Date Mon, 04 Sep 2006 20:29:10 GMT

"Bruno Vilardo" <> wrote in message
> Hello All,
> I am a new user of TOMCAT sorry for any dumb question;-)
> TOMCAT version is *"jakarta-tomcat-4.1.31".*
> **
> We current have an application that replicates data.
> But we are having some issue because our Application is receiving the
> "HTTP/100 Continue" response before the "Application" response saying that
> everything was processed OK at the other side.
Which is exactly the order they should come in.

> Is there a way to disable this "HTTP/100 Continue" Message on TOMCAT?

Yes, have your client stop sending
  Expect: 100-Continue
headers in the request.

> Thanks a lot in Advance.
> Best Regards,
> Bruno Vilardo

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