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From Ben Zahler <>
Subject Re: Using IBM JSF components on tomcat
Date Wed, 13 Sep 2006 07:29:06 GMT
Sorry about this, it seems like my attachments have not worked properly.
The files should be stacktrace.txt and snippet.jsp for the code example.


Ben Zahler/Switzerland/IBM@IBMCH 
13.09.2006 09:05
Please respond to
"Tomcat Users List" <>


Using IBM JSF components on tomcat

hi all, 

I have a problem when using IBM-JSF components on tomcat. I know that is 
not a very usual configuration, maybe someone has had similar problems. 

This is the code which causes the problem: 

And this is the Stacktrace displayed by IE: 

Unfortunately, the error occurs in proprietary code, so it is difficult to 
track the cause of the problem. 

Here a few properties of the problem: 
- The problem does not occur when using a websphere server 
- the problem does not occur when using firefox 
- when using tomcat and IE, the problem does not always occur. Depending 
on the configuration the problem occurs between 5% and 50% of pages 
loaded. With my laptop and a local tomcat I get 5% in our IBM test 
environment and 50% at the client's test environment. 
- the problem only occurs on large pages 
- removing the id from the <selectitems>-tag will lead to "duplicate ids 
on this page", the given id is a generated id.  I suspect a relationship 
between that error and the error I get now, but obviously I cannot confirm 

I'd be very grateful for any suggestions! 


Ben[attachment "stacktrace.txt" deleted by Ben Zahler/Switzerland/IBM] 
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