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Subject Re: Perm Gen not being released in GC
Date Fri, 15 Sep 2006 16:22:48 GMT
Hi Stephanie,

Im a Project Manager, not a techie but we had the same problem and had to
increase the perm gen to the following:  Tomcat sets it at default at 64MB.
Perm Gen Memory: 150 MB
Max Perm Gen: 256 MB

We where getting perm gen out of memory errors which is why we did this.
This stabilised the environment but we still have problems with our Heap
Memory filling up and not been garbage collected properly.

Kind Regards
Adrena Keating
EDS Project Manager,
ABN AMRO NL Solution Centre

Tel:      +31-20-6299038
Mobile: +31-6-22574953

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> Every now and then JConsole shows Old Gen as having flat-lined.
> Only a Tomcat restart can rectify the problem.  Killing sessions
> followed by a manual GC does not seem to have an effect.
> Haven't yet determined whether we need to start looking at the
> young to old heap allocation ratios - is this the main area I
> should be looking into?

We see this same behavior.  I too am interested in comments from
others.  We are running on a OS X Server; JVM v1.5.

Stephen Caine
Soft Breeze Systems, LLC

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