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From Pontius Malmberg>
Subject Tomcat Server Administration - Change Path?
Date Fri, 08 Sep 2006 18:41:13 GMT
Hi everyone:
I've been working on this issue for over a week, and can't seem to 
figure out how or if it's possible at all.
I would like to change the default path /admin/ for Tomcat Server 
Administration for Tomcat 5.5 to be /tomcat-admin/ instead.
Anyone have idea how to do this?
A few web sites on my server are using 
as their admin backroom, however, after installing Tomcat on the 
server, now it goes to Tomcat Server Administration instead. Even 
though the web sites have an admin folder located inside their web 
directory. I did some research and it seems that there is file 
somewhere on the server that is associated with Tomcat which tells 
Tomcat that by default if someone types in it goes to Tomcat Server 
Administration login page.
Now, my question is does anyone know if it's possible to change that 
default path? If so, which file?
I have tried to make changes to:
Then rebooted Tomcat, but no luck!!!
I hope this is possible? If so, I'd like it to be /tomcat-admin/
Thanks in advance.

"Leadership in Quality Internet Solutions!"

Pontius T.T. Malmberg
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San Diego, CA 92109 US
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